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CBT Compulsory Basic Training

All learner motorcyclists and moped riders must successfully complete CBT before riding on the road. The only exemptions to this are if they have passed a full moped test after 1/12/1990, live (and ride) on a named offshore Island, already hold a Certificate of Completion (DL196).

In addition full car licence holders can ride a moped if they passed their test before 1/2/2001

When you've done your CBT you'll be given a certificate of completion (DL196). You will need to produce this before you can take the practical motorcycle test.

A certificate of completion has a 2 year life. If you don't pass both your theory and practical tests in that time then you'll have to take the CBT course again.

A certificate of completion obtained on a moped is valid for a motorcycle when the rider reaches the age of 17.