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Motorcycle lifting gear

When planning any maintenance on your motorcycle you should always make sure that your bike is secure and will not fall on you whilst your working on it.

If you need to get underneath your bike then this bike lifting gear would be a good investment if you have the space

Sealey Scissor Stand for Motorcycles

by Sealey
Scissor support stand suitable for use either on a motorcycle lift or on the floor. Supplied with 3 pairs of saddle support pins and frame cradle. Raise by hand or use with 22mm socket.
Sealey Motorcycle & Quadbike Lift 550kg

by Sealey
Heavy steel construction with bottle jack style power unit. Lifting arms suitable for lifting bikes, quads, all terrain vehicles, trikes and transmissions. Features mechanical safety lock to prevent inadvertent lowering and stabiliser feet for added lifting control. Fully portable.
Sealey Single Sided Rear Support Stand

by Sealey
Suitable for motorcycles with single rear swing arm which cannot be supported both sides. Heavy-duty construction. Supplied without locating pins which need to be purchased separately for the make/model of bike to be supported.